Private tutoring and mentoring

I provide private tutoring and mentoring for university level mathematics students studying at the advanced undergrauate or postgraduate level (e.g. third/Honours year undergraduate, Master's or PhD level students). I am currently based in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, and usually tutor students online via Zoom, but I can tutor local students in person if they desire. Students anywhere in the world are welcome to contact me for tutoring or mentoring.

I can tutor postgraduate level mathematics courses in any areas such as topology, algebra, real/complex/functional/harmonic/Fourier analysis, group theory, measure theory, differential geometry/topology, representation theory, graph theory etc. I may also be able to assist in areas such as theoretical computer science, category theory, algebraic geometry, algebraic number theory and quantum physics, though, I don't have a high level of expertise in these areas. Feel free to contact me about any topics that don't fit under these headings.

I am usually willing to offer mentoring for free, however, tutoring will be charged at a negotiable price. Students interested in my tutoring and mentoring services should contact me via email. Due to my busy schedule, I cannot accept most students' requests for tutoring/mentoring, and I will assess each request on a case-by-case basis.

I am also open to providing free tutoring in exchange for language lessons if you speak a language other than English. I'm interested in learning to speak and improve my skills in the following languages: French, German, Greek (Modern or Attic), Russian, Hebrew, Latin. Let me know if you speak any of those languages and would be interested in such an exchange.

The University of Newcastle (2019 - 2022)

I have taught workshops and tutorials for the following courses at The University of Newcastle:

Summer 2 2022 Semester 2 2021 Semester 1 2021 Summer 2 2021 Semester 2 2020 Semester 1 2020 Semester 2 2019 Semester 1 2019