I am a research student at The University of Newcastle in Australia currently completing my Master of Philosophy degree in pure mathematics. I am supervised by George Willis and work with other members of the Zero-Dimensional Symmetry research group here in Newcastle. Next year I will be beginning my PhD in mathematics at the Université catholique de Louvain where I will be working with Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace and Timothée Marquis.

My mathematical interests span throughout much of mathematics, though, my main research interests at the present time lie firmly in the fields of topological group theory, abstract harmonic analysis and functional analysis. More specifically, I'm interested in problems concerning locally compact groups, their representation theory and harmonic analysis, and problems concerning operator algebras. I also have research experience working on problems in the direction of combinatorics (mostly graph theory) and theoretical computer science (mostly formal languages and automata).

Beyond mathematics I have a number of academic interests. Firstly, I am interested in theoretical physics, particularly quantum mechanics and its connections to my own research. I also have strong interests in philosophy; my main philosophical interests at the present time are ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, metaphysics and epistemology.

Outside of academia I am a keen athlete: I spend a lot of time running, cycling and in the gym.